The Cake Companions

The Cake Companions are the first series of drawings I have created for the Art of Weird website. They were designed to be an antidote to the continuing doom and gloom of the pandemic. Something fun to make you smile.

So far there are three Cake Companions; Prickly Pear, Foodog and Snailopse. They all love cake and want to be your companion when it’s time for tea. The Cake Companions are my way of trying to bring some fun into people’s lives.

So who are The Cake Companions?


Recently Snailopse moved into this bug house that he found resting against a waterbut, reshaping it to fit his musclie shape. His previous shells included a small watering can, a discarded saucepan and an old trilby hat with holes in it. He lives mostly on the edge of woodlands visiting gardens after dark, sometimes sneaking into kitchens in search of cake.