About the

Art of Weird

Hi, I’m Annette, a photographer based in London, UK, who during the lockdown pandemic had no work and two exhibitions cancelled. This meant that I had time on my hands to experiment with different ways of making images. 
 I began drawing, first little garden Insects and flowers, but it wasn’t long before I was turning them into science fiction characters, creatures and landscapes. You see, this had been a passion of mine when I was younger. In fact, I trained as an illustrator and specialised in science fiction illustration but after leaving art school, I turned to photography as a career and stopped drawing. 

 By creating this website, I feel that I have given myself a license to experiment with drawing, photography and image creating software. My aim is to use these creations to make products that are fun, useful and very different from anything you are likely to find elsewhere. Hopefully, they will make you smile.

I am planning to use Kickstarter to launch future products. Through Kickstarter campaigns, I will find out if anyone likes my designs and products and are willing to support them. Any extra products that I create through Kickstarter will be available for purchase on this website.

Drawing has become a daily habit now and some of them I put on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I hope you will follow one of them and enjoy the drawings I post.

My Background

I achieved a BA (Hons) in graphic design and illustration at Kingston University but have worked as a freelance photography since the late 1980’s, photographing adventure sports and wild places. My career began by spending three months living in a jungle as an expedition photographer for operation Raleigh (now Raleigh International) before working for a range of editorial and corporate clients on outdoor projects.

My recent projects include photographing the River Thames from a kayak with a solo exhibition held in Richmond, London, UK, in 2019.

Check out my other websites:

Adventure sports and wild places photography https://www.h2ophotography.com
The River Thames as seen from a kayak https://www.thames.photography
Exhibition. The River Within – London https://www.thames.photography/exhibition