Magical Dream 1 and 2. These two dream-like prints were designed to be displayed together and will add warmth and beauty to any room.

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Do you design inteiors?

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Prints that are original, new, interesting and beautiful?

Abstract but with structure?

Available as large prints?

How about bespoke artwork designed to work with an interior you’re currently working on?

Or a series of artworks designed to work with each other and the space you are designing?

Abstract art is often used by interior designers for its graphic shapes, which can complement a modern design interior.  But my art offers something different. Although abstract, there is order within chaos. Patterns that repeat, yet are different, geometric shapes that are sometimes bold and loud other times more subtle and quiet.

Whether are you are looking to create a calm and restful space, a fun and vibrant child’s playroom or a modern kitchen, I can work with you to create bespoke artwork that compliments your design in terms of colour, texture and through shapes and pattern, to create a mood, colour scheme or focal point in your interiors.

Print Types

Art Prints


Magical Dream 1. An intriguing and dream-like print that will add warmth and beauty to any room.

Canvas Prints


Print Sizes

Art Print Sizes


Canvas Print Sizes


Multi Panel Prints

Bespoke Print Sizes

Do you need a different size print from those shown above? Get in contact with me and I will help.

The maximum print sizes available are:

Art Prints:

Canvas Prints: Panoramic 1 meter x 2 meters


Q. If I choose a canvas print, will the edges of the picture be wrapped around the canvas and no longer visible on the front?
A. No. 100% of the image will appear on the front of your canvas. I never wrap the image around the edge of a canvas.  Instead, I ask the printer to create a mirror edge, in which the edge of the print is carefully mirrored and wrapped onto the side of the canvas.  This gives the appearance and feel of a canvas wrap while retaining the whole image on the front.
Q. When will I receive my print(s)?
A. Please allow two weeks for delivery, as each print is made to order. During busy times such as Christmas or during Covid restrictions, the delivery may take a little longer. I will keep you updated as to the progress of your order.
Q. I would like a size print that is different to those offered here. Can you do it?
A. Yes – get in touch with me and tell me what you want.